Local Court Rule Updates

Sixth District Court of Appeals

Rule 10

Comments requested: The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals will accept public comments until August 12, 2011, on proposed amendments to Rule 10 of the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals local rules.

Comments on the proposed amendment should be submitted in writing to Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, Attention Frances V. King, One Constitution Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 43604, or may be faxed to 419-213-4844 or e-mailed to 6thca@lucas.oh.us.

Local Rule 9(A)

effective July 1, 2011

Local Rule 9(A) Oral Argument: Scheduling of argument, has been revised. Please direct questions to Jason Hill, 419-213-4755, jahill@co.lucas.oh.us.


Supreme Court Adopts Court Interpreter Rule

effective January 1, 2013

The Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted a new rule that would require courts to hire a certified foreign language or sign language interpreter, when available, to ensure the “meaningful participation” of deaf and limited English proficient individuals in court proceedings.

Supreme Court Seeks Public Comment on Disciplinary System Amendments 

The Supreme Court of Ohio has announced a series of proposed rule amendments designed to enhance Ohio’s disciplinary system for lawyers and judges. Written comments on the proposed amendments will be accepted until Aug. 2.

Richard A. Dove, Secretary, Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline
65 S. Front St., Fifth Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
or rick.dove@sc.ohio.gov

Supreme Court Adopts Amendments to Practice, Procedure Rules

effective July 01, 2011

The Supreme Court of Ohio has adopted amendments to the rules of evidence, appellate procedure, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and juvenile procedure.

Supreme Court Adopts Justice Recusal Process Rule

effective March 28, 2011

Rule 14.6 of the Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court of Ohio 


Supreme Court of Ohio Adopts Amendments for Reinstatement Procedure

effective March 28, 2011

Amendments to Rule V, Section 10   


Sixth District Court of Appeals

effective January 1, 2011

Local Rules with amendments: Rule 1, section C; Rule 3; Rule 10


Toledo Municipal Court

effective February 1, 2011

Amended: Local Rule 11, Civil Filing Fees