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Ektron CMS400.NET Server Controls

Developer productivity is a critical issue among Web teams. Faced with the challenge of reduced IT budgets, smaller teams, and compressed schedules to roll out new Internet and intranet sites and rich Web applications, developers need every advantage tilted in their favor to help their organizational Web strategies succeed.

Ektron CMS400.NET delivers that advantage. It now offers eight visual, drag-and-drop template development components that enable developers to assemble Web sites up to four times faster than working in J2EE.

With CMS400.NET’s new “toolbox” of pre-built, reusable, data-bindable ASP.NET server controls, Ektron empowers developers working in Visual Studio .NET to rapidly integrate Ektron CMS components into their templates and sites.

As a result, developers can dynamically build and deploy robust, Ektron CMS-powered Web sites and Web applications more rapidly than with other content management solutions, while also customizing them to fit specific business requirements.

In addition to visual controls, Web developers can access CMS data objects, exposed through the server controls via code-behinds. So developers can programmatically manage data and create highly customized and dynamic Web sites.  Developers can also apply an XSLT to data returned by the controls, supporting flexible Web presentation options.  And, unlike some content management systems, the Ektron CMS provides a "virtual development environment," in real-time contact with the production Web site, allowing the developer to work from a remote development station.

Ektron CMS400.NET is pure .NET content management solution. So it supports the growing requirement among mid-size and enterprise-size organizations to choose a .NET application. Thanks to CMS400.NET’s easy integration into your existing server environment, and now with developer-friendly server controls, it’s the ideal application for Web developers to learn .NET.