Judicial Candidates Poll Results 2013

Hon. Connie F. Zemmelman, President of the Toledo Bar Association, announced the results of the poll taken of Association members regarding candidates running in the upcoming election for judges in local courts. The poll was taken August 22 through September 6, 2013.

Biographies of each judicial candidate and a survey were emailed to members of the Toledo Bar Association. The questionnaire asked members to indicate whether they felt judicial candidates are “highly recommended,” “recommended,” or “not recommended” to serve as judges.

The qualifications were based on integrity, legal ability, legal experience, fair-mindedness, promptness, professionalism and judicial temperament, public and community services, and other qualifications bearing upon their fitness for the office.

Bar members were instructed to vote only if they had sufficient information concerning the candidates to form an opinion of their qualifications.

Highly Recommended


Not Recommended

Toledo Municipal Court

Amy J. Berling*

13.0% (39)

34.2% (103)

52.8% (159)

Toledo Municipal Court

Gretchen S. DeBacker

30.6% (75)

45.7% (112)

23.7% (58)

Joshua W. Lanzinger

18.0% (44)

44.1% (108)

38.0% (93)

Kenneth W. Phillips

9.2% (21)

42.5% (97)

48.2% (110)

Perrysburg Municipal Court

Molly Mack

23.5% (44)

48.7% (91)

27.8% (52)

Thomas G. Mackin

39.9% (109)

48.7% (133)

11.4% (31)

Bowling Green Municipal Court

Mark B. Reddin

55.2% (101)

41.0% (75)

3.8% (7)

Candidate biographies can be found below. Biographies are posted exactly as submitted by the candidates.

Amy J Berling (Judge Berling was contacted but declined to submit a biography)

Gretchen DeBacker 

Joshua W Lanzinger 

Molly Mack 

Thomas Mackin 

Kenneth W Phillips 

Mark B Reddin