Pro Bono Receives Oswald Grant

Toledo Community Foundation’s Oswald Supporting Organization Award Grant to Pro Bono Legal Services Program Helps Kick Off Annual Campaign

The Board of Trustees of the Oswald Supporting Organization of the Toledo Community Foundation has approved a grant for the Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Legal Services Program in the amount of $10,000. These funds will be used for operating support.
“The Pro Bono Program provides free legal support for a range of clients who would not be able to afford legal assistance,” explains director Pat Intagliata. “These clients typically fall between the cracks of other available social services.” To meet the needs of the community, Intagliata coordinates several “pro se” programs that teach clients how to file legal petitions for themselves. She also provides volunteer attorneys for clients who need representation in court.
Toledo Community Foundation, Inc. is a public charitable organization created by citizens of our community to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families in our area. In existence since 1973, the Foundation has more than 620 funds with assets of approximately $172 million. The Foundation provides philanthropic services for individuals, families, businesses, and corporations to meet their charitable giving needs. For more information on the Foundation, visit the organization’s website at or follow them on Facebook.
The Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Legal Services Program kicked off its Annual Campaign today, July 23, with a breakfast meeting for law firm representatives. Donations will enable the Program to continue to staff legal clinics and phone lines to best serve the legal needs of the indigent. To make a donation or to find information, visit, or call 419.242.5926.

To join the Pro Bono Panel of attorneys complete this volunteer form, or contact the Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Program at 419-418-5323 or

The 2013 Pro Bono Campaign is underway. Please make your donation today!

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