Meeting Date

Meets as necessary at the TBA offices

Committee Chair
Kimberly B. Kuhn
Mr. James W. White, Jr.
Staff Liaison
Mr. Joseph Dawson
Ms. Donna J. Williamson
Committee Name
Grievance Investigation


Administer, oversee and manage the TBA Bar Grievance Investigation and screening program in support of the TBA Grievance Committee's operation of the TBA's certified grievance committee. By Appointment Only

A Message from the President:

Welcome to the Toledo Bar's Grievance Investigation Committee. Committee work is the lifeblood of the Association. Experienced practitioners and new attorneys can take advantage of monthly meetings to explore new developments and make contacts in the field. We look forward to a new membership year to engage our members and improve the practice of law in Northwest Ohio. Thank you for participating!

—Peter G. Rost

Questions about committees?

Contact Donna Williamson at 419.242.9363 or