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Lawyer Referral

Lawyer Referral & Information Service (“LRIS”)

Legal issues can be complicated. Let us help you find the right lawyer.

What is LRIS?

The LRIS has been connecting people in Northwest Ohio with attorneys in their area for over 20 years.  We are a trusted resource in the community.  We will assess your needs and provide a referral to an attorney in your area who can best assist you.  All attorneys in LRIS must be in good standing with the Ohio Supreme Court and have proof of liability insurance.

How can I get a referral?

Simply fill out the form below and an email providing your referral information will be sent your way. Or if you prefer, you can call and speak with an intake specialist who can provide a referral.

Referral Phone Number: 419-242-2000

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30

What should I expect when receiving a referral?

Once the LRIS has identified an attorney for your needs, you will be provided with that attorney’s name and phone number.  It will be your responsibility to contact the attorney to schedule your initial 30 minute in office consultation.  There is often a consultation fee of $40.00, which you will need to pay the attorney when you meet with them.

*There is no consultation fee for certain cases, including bankruptcy, personal injury, malpractice, unemployment compensation, and other benefits cases. You will be informed at the time of the referral if your type of case has no consultation fee.

What if I have a limited income?

If you are looking to hire an attorney, but have limited resources, please go to our Modest Means page

Please click on the link below to request a lawyer referral.

Referral Request Form