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Introducing Ohio Notary Services, LLC. 

New state requirements. We can help!


Ohio notary laws have changed, bringing new requirements and opportunities for Ohio notaries public. Don’t worry the Toledo Bar Association is still your place for education and testing under the new laws.  We’ve partnered with the Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, and Ohio State bar associations to make the process seamless for you. With our statewide reach and notary experience you can turn to us through our new subsidiary Ohio Notary Services, LLC. ONS is your one-stop for meeting all the new education and testing requirements to earn or renew your traditional notary commission and become authorized as an online public notary in Ohio.


Become an Online Notary

As of September 20, 2019, Ohio law allows for the online notarization of documents by authorized online notaries public. Save yourself, your company and those seeking to have something notarized time and money with this new designation. Ohio Notary Services is the Ohio Secretary of State's sole authorized provider for training and testing to become an online notary in Ohio. 


Earn or Renew Your Traditional Notary

We’ve got you covered there, too. In fact, because of our unique partnership we are the most experienced notary education provider in the state. Complete all your required training and testing online or in person at one of six convenient locations. You can renew existing commissions with us up to 90 days in advance.


New Notary Law Checklist

  • Step 1 Obtain a formal Bureau of Criminal Investigation records check (BCI) current within six months of application. Visit information on obtaining the records check. If the records check does not contain disqualifying offenses, then the applicant may proceed to the next step.

  • Step 2 Visit Create an account and select whether you want to take an in-person class and test (if required) or if you wish to do both online.

  • Step 3 Attend the class or watch the online video and take the test (if required.) Upon verifying successful completion of both Ohio Notary Services will provide you with a certificate for submission to the Secretary of State.

  • Step 4 Visit and select File Online to create an account and submit your application.

  • Step 5 Return to when you receive your notary commission to purchase all of your notary supplies. For a limited time, new notaries receive a FREE notary stamp after successfully passing the test.

Visit to get started.

About Ohio Notary Services

Ohio Notary Services, LLC is a unique, joint venture by the Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo and the Ohio State bar associations to help you meet all your notary education and testing requirements under the new law. We bring extensive notary expertise and experience, statewide reach and unmatched convenience.