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Easy Pay

Automatic Dues Payment & Membership Renewal

The TBA’s new automatic monthly dues payment plan saves you the hassle of responding to yearly dues statements. Using your major credit card, you can set up automatic monthly dues payments – and forget about it.

How It Works

Easy Pay is a member benefit of the Toledo Bar Association that provides you with a secure, paper-free method to pay your membership dues. Rather than resubmitting your membership dues once a year, your membership renews automatically in 12 small installments. Easy Pay is convenient and free. There is no additional cost to you to establish the Easy Pay service. 

To Enroll:

  • Enter your credit card information (DOWNLOAD ENROLLMENT FORM)
  • Sign the authorization form
  • Return it to the Toledo Bar Association at: 311 N. Superior Street Toledo, Ohio 43604 

You can also call to provide your credit card information, then merely sign and return the authorization.

The TBA’s membership year begins on July 1. Membership dues are based on your year of admission to any bar. Pay your dues in 12 monthly installments using the credit card of your choice.

Please note: If you enroll in the Easy Pay plan after July 1,  your first installment will be a “catch up” installment. Thereafter, each month you will be charged for one twelfth (1/12) of your annual dues. If your dues rate changes, your monthly credit card payment will be automatically adjusted. If you cancel membership prior to the end of the fiscal year, the balance of dues will be payable in full.

The first installment will be processed upon submission of the Easy Pay Auto Renewal Authorization Form (enclosed). Subsequent installment transactions will be processed on or about the fifteen (15th) of each month until you tell us by phone or in writing to discontinue the automatic charges.