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Posted by: William Meyer on Oct 23, 2020



This afternoon, through a lot of hard work by Steve Collier, a very informative Kiroff Bench Bar Conference was presented regarding Law in the Time of Corona. This was presented as a live-interactive webinar via Zoom. There were over one-hundred ten (110) members logged in for this event. If you could not attend today's seminar you'll have an opportunity to watch the webcast video replay on Wednesday, December 2nd.  

We were graced to hear from Dr. Jennifer Hanrahan, an Associate Professor, and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, UTMC. Dr. Hanrahan gave an excellent but sobering presentation on the winter ahead of us. While there is still much unknown about transmission and infection rates, Dr. Hanrahan was very clear on the scientific evidence that physical distancing, wearing face masks, and eye protection are the most effective means of limiting transmission of Covid-19.

I’d like to thank all the participants in the Kiroff Bench Bar Conference for their roles in making it a success. I’d specifically like to thank Dr. Hanrahan for her advice, and would strongly request that the membership heed it. 

Stay safe, and wear a mask!  


My regards,

Bill Meyer, Esq.
TBA President




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