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Seminar Fees and Discounts

The CLE Committee upon approval of the Board of Trustees shall establish the seminar fee structure.

Seminar Fees and Discounts

  • Discounts of most seminars for TBA members
  • The fees for speakers and moderators will be waived for the seminar in which they are participating
  • The TBA and/or CLE Committee may offer reduced fee or free seminars for community service programs such as ADR and CDS training
  • The TBA and CLE Committee may set a higher hourly fee for specific seminars where warranted by exceptional expense


It is the policy of the CLE Committee to draw speakers on a volunteer basis from among the TBA membership.  Speakers who are not TBA members are requested to serve on the same volunteer basis without monetary compensation.  The CLE Committee must approve any exceptions to this policy.

It is the policy of the TBA and the CLE Committee to encourage increased participation by members as speakers, particularly women, minorities and sole practitioners.

Attendance and CLE Credit

Generally, to obtain CLE credit, a participant must attend the entire seminar.  The CLE Committee may, on occasion, approve multi-segment seminars consisting of two or more blocks of time.  In that event, participants may attend less than all segments and obtain CLE credit for the hours actually attended.  Attendance requirements for each seminar shall be uniformly enforced.

Handout Materials Policy

All program materials will be delivered electronically to the e-mail address on file prior to the seminar. Please bring your own printed or electronic version of the handouts. Complimentary CLE materials are provided in electronic format only. To purchase hard copy handout materials, please select the “printed materials” box when registering, so that we can process your request.

Non-Attorney Attendance

CLE seminars are structured to be of interest and assistance to members of the legal community; however, non-attorneys are not prohibited from attending.

As a general rule, the TBA will not solicit other professional groups to attend its seminars; however, it is recognized that some seminar topics may be of common interest to attorneys and non-attorneys.  In such circumstances, the TBA and the CLE Committee may authorize the presenting committee to solicit attendance from other professional groups.  Such solicitation must be approved by the CLE Committee and coordinated by the CLE staff.  Associate members of TBA shall pay member registration fee.

Location of Seminars

The designation of seminar locations shall be within the discretion of the CLE Staff, giving due consideration to cost. quality of facilities and services, and expected number of participants.

The Role of the Coordinator

The CLE Coordinator is responsible for developing the seminar from start to finish.  The Coordinator should be viewed as the "architect" of the seminar.  The Coordinator is chosen by the presenting committee and may be the committee chair, secretary, or an individual member of the committee.

Coordinators are responsible for selecting qualified speakers and timely topics.  Coordinators are encouraged to seek input from their respective committees in the selection of speakers and topics.  The speakers must represent a variety of law firms, banks, title companies, hospitals or other entities.

The Coordinator should ensure that there is no overlap among presentations and should outline the time allotted to each speaker.  The Coordinator will arrange planning meetings for speakers and communicate all deadlines for submission of speaker biographies and printed materials.  The Coordinator will also act as moderator for the seminar or will arrange for another person to act as moderator.

The CLE Director will be of assistance to the Coordinator in the planning, promotion and presentation of the seminar. 

Contact CLE

Phone:  419-242-9363

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