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Posted by: Gina Scherzer on Dec 29, 2020


Board of Directors
Nominations for 2nd Vice President and Toledo Bar Association Board of Directors will be accepted through February 9, 2021. Nominations can be made via self-nomination or by a current TBA member. All nominees must be current TBA members.
TBA Awards
Nominations are being accepted for the Toledo Bar Association’s Trustees Award and Community Service Award, to be presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting in June. The deadline for nominations is March 23, 2021. 
The Trustees Award is given by the Board of Directors to a young member of the Association who exemplifies professionalism in the practice of law and who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the profession through active involvement in the TBA. For past recipients of the Trustees Award, click here
The Community Service Award is presented to a TBA member who demonstrates a commitment to service to community organizations or activities that are not law related. For past recipients of the Community Service Award, click here
Submit All Nominations To: 
TBA Nominations Committee
Peter G. Rost, Chair
311 N. Superior St. 
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Fax: 419-242-3614


Posted by: William Meyer on Dec 23, 2020



The 2020 Holiday Season is mirroring the rest of the year in many ways. Travel plans are changing, Zoom is being used to connect with family and friends and traditions are being altered to accommodate social distancing. While you are probably looking forward to kicking 2020 to the curb, I urge you to take time this Holiday Season to give thanks for the things that matter most to you. 

To help you get into the holiday spirit, we have developed a few videos below for your viewing pleasure. On behalf of the TBA Board of Directors and staff, we wish you and your family a joyous holiday season. 


William Meyer, President




Posted by: Gina Scherzer on Dec 1, 2020


It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of the Honorable Judge James E. Barber.

Judge Barber served as a judge in Fulton County Court of Common Pleas for 30 years before retiring. He would have celebrated his 2 year anniversary as a visiting judge with our court in January, 2021.

When asked, TBA President William Meyer shared that Judge Jim Barber is best described by his own words: "I address each person as a person I respect, as a child of God". That is the way he treated lawyers and parties before him. He had a kindness about him that he  extended to everyone he met, including exchange students from the other side of the world. Our condolences to his wife, Sandy, and the rest of his family. Judge Barber will be missed by all those who had the honor of working with him or practicing before him. Rest in Peace. 

Read more here for arrangements. 



Posted by: Gina Scherzer on Dec 1, 2020


Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday was created eight years ago with the goal of encouraging people across the world to give back and do some good in their community. This Giving Tuesday, December 1st, we ask that you donate to the Justice for All Campaign and/or the Toledo Bar Association Foundation (TBAF) to help us continue to do good in our community.

Justice for All Campaign
The Justice for All Campaign is a fundraising partnership among ABLE, LAWO, the TBA Pro Bono Legal Services Program. As the sole providers of free civil legal aid to low-income residents of Northwest Ohio, the Justice for All Campaign unites our fundraising efforts to ensure that vulnerable and disenfranchised members of our community have equal access to the legal system.

To support the efforts of ABLE, LAWO and the TBA Pro Bono Legal Services Program, click here. 

Toledo Bar Association Foundation 
The Toledo Bar Association Foundation (TBAF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and serves as the philanthropic arm of the Toledo Bar Association. This year the Foundation supported the Association’s initiative providing free, unlimited CLE to members and its Fellowship Collaborative, which helps new attorneys start solo practices in Toledo.  

In addition to internal programs, the TBAF gave funds to amazing local organizations that are tackling important issues and working to improve our community. They are assisting human trafficking survivors, working to reduce recidivism, helping to provide safe child visitation for separated families, and increasing diversity in the legal profession.

A gift to the TBAF will continue to provide support for programs in the community that further our interest in promoting justice and respect for the law. All gifts are eligible for charitable deductions on your federal income tax return if you itemize deductions. 

To donate to the TBAF, click here.

Posted by: Gina Scherzer on Nov 11, 2020

TBA Foundation Signs Up for AmazonSmile

When shopping this holiday season, consider using AmazonSmile. A a portion of your sale will benefit the Toledo Bar Association Foundation (TBAF). AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.

How to Shop Amazon Smile:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an Amazon account
  3. Select the Toledo Bar Association Foundation as your nonprofit organization of choice
  4. Search, read the reviews, shop and purchase
  5. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to TBAF
  6. Remember to start at anytime you log on to Amazon to shop


Posted by: Gina Scherzer on Oct 23, 2020



Effective November 1, 2020, Ohio attorneys will be required to provide an electronic service email address to the Supreme Court of Ohio Office of Attorney Services. The electronic service address may be used by the Board of Professional Conduct or the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Clerk of Court to serve notices and orders pursuant to Gov.Bar R. V (“Discipline Procedure”).  The electronic service address will not replace the attorneys’ email address on file with the Office of Attorney Services, although attorneys may use the same email address for both purposes.  An attorney’s email address and electronic service email address are confidential and not available for public access.


To provide an electronic service address, please log into the Attorney Services Portal using your attorney registration number and password.  Click here if you forgot your password.  You may be taken directly to a screen where you can update your email address. If this does not happen go to “Edit Info” or “My Information” and enter the email address you wish to designate as your electronic service address. You must check the box confirming that you have reviewed your contact information and then click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.  


Please provide an electronic service address as soon as possible.  If an attorney does not designate an electronic service address by date, the email address on file with the Office of Attorney Services will be used as the attorney’s electronic service address.


Please contact Supreme Court of Ohio Office of Attorney Services at with “Electronic Service” in the subject line if you have any questions.


Posted by: William Meyer on Oct 23, 2020



This afternoon, through a lot of hard work by Steve Collier, a very informative Kiroff Bench Bar Conference was presented regarding Law in the Time of Corona. This was presented as a live-interactive webinar via Zoom. There were over one-hundred ten (110) members logged in for this event. If you could not attend today's seminar you'll have an opportunity to watch the webcast video replay on Wednesday, December 2nd.  

We were graced to hear from Dr. Jennifer Hanrahan, an Associate Professor, and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, UTMC. Dr. Hanrahan gave an excellent but sobering presentation on the winter ahead of us. While there is still much unknown about transmission and infection rates, Dr. Hanrahan was very clear on the scientific evidence that physical distancing, wearing face masks, and eye protection are the most effective means of limiting transmission of Covid-19.

I’d like to thank all the participants in the Kiroff Bench Bar Conference for their roles in making it a success. I’d specifically like to thank Dr. Hanrahan for her advice, and would strongly request that the membership heed it. 

Stay safe, and wear a mask!  


My regards,

Bill Meyer, Esq.
TBA President



Posted by: Judith Lanzinger & Arlene Singer on Sep 21, 2020


As you no doubt know by now, on Friday U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.  My friend, Judge Arlene Singer and I were asked to comment on her recent death.  Although I had the privilege of meeting several Supreme Court justices during my career, I regret that Justice Ginsburg was not among them. A lodestar of our profession, she made an impact on my life as she did on that of other lawyers, whether women or men. According to the New York Times, she was the most admired of all the current justices.  Her legacy will endure every time we in the profession stand for civility, equality and compassion.

Arlene prepared these remarks that I can’t improve upon: 

She changed the lives of all.

Reportedly shy, this diminutive person wielded a mighty pen with her towering intellect and robust sense of justice, fairness and compassion.  She fought tirelessly to break down the barriers to equality and to champion women's rights.

As a law student and lawyer she felt the sting of gender bias, even hiding a pregnancy to keep employment opportunities.  She graduated at the top of her class at Columbia Law School. Unable to find employment in the private sector, she accepted employment teaching. She was Columbia’s first tenured female professor. As a pioneer in the field, she didn't stop there.

As Director of the Women's Law Project of the ACLU, she made her mark.  She argued 6 cases before the US Supreme court, winning 5 of them.  Choosing her cases carefully and strategically she fed the idea of gender equality to the justices in little bites, until gender bias was finally recognized. She included   cases taking up the cause of men who were harmed by biased gender roles and unequal treatment of widowers and male caregivers.  As an important advocate who changed the playing field for us all, she didn't stop there.

Her judicial career culminated in appointment to the US Supreme Court, the second women on the Court. Her opinions exposed inequities in the law based on gender and race. But her fiery dissents, written for the ages, catapulted her to iconic status. She was respected and liked by her colleagues, even if they didn't agree with her. In more recent years she achieved rock star status as the Notorious RBG, whose image adorns t-shirts, bobble heads, coffee mugs and even tattoos.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a difference as a fighter for equality and as a role model for all, but for women and girls especially. Justice Ginsburg inspired us to be strong in our beliefs, principles and actions with compassion and respect.   



Posted by: Gina Scherzer on Sep 21, 2020

The Toledo Bar Association announces the results of the poll taken of its members, September 1 through 15, for the upcoming judicial elections on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 
Biographies of each judicial candidate and a link to an online poll were sent to members of the Toledo Bar Association asking them to rate the candidates as "highly recommended," "recommended," or "not recommended" to serve as judges. 

The qualifications were based on integrity, legal ability, legal experience, fair-mindedness, promptness, professionalism, and judicial temperament, public and community services, and other qualifications bearing upon their fitness for the office.
Members were instructed to vote only if they had sufficient information concerning the candidates to form an opinion of their qualifications. There were 433 responses. 


Highly Recommended


Not Recommended

Sixth District Court of Appeals
Term Commencing January 2021




Myron C Duhart II

71.71% (289)

24.81% (100)

3.47% (14)

Charles Sulek

10.71% (24)

23.66% (53)

65.63% (147)





Sixth District Court of Appeals
Term Commencing January 2021




Thomas J. Osowik

74.47% (280)

22.07% (83)

3.46% (13)





Lucas County Court of Common Pleas -General
Term Commencing January 2021




Alfonso J. Gonzalez

21.47% (73)

33.82% (115)

44.71% (152)

Lori L. Olender

41.16% (135)

41.16% (135)

17.68% (58)





Lucas County Court of Common Pleas -General
Term Commencing January 2021




Ian B. English

64.32% (238)

32.43% (120)

3.24% (12)





Lucas County Court of Common Pleas – Domestic Relations Division
Term Commencing January 2021




Lisa D. McGowan

43.20% (143)

39.58% (131)

17.22% (57)





Lucas County Court of Common Pleas –
Juvenile Division

Term Commencing January 2021




Denise Navarre Cubbon

65.67% (241)

27.79% (102)

6.54% (24)





Lucas County Court of Common Pleas –
Probate Division

Term Commencing January 2021




Jack R. Puffenberger

76.90% (303)

18.53% (73)

4.57% (18)





Wood County Court of Common Pleas –

General Division

Term Commencing January 2021




Joel M. Kuhlman

42.79% (89)

38.46% (80)

18.75% (39)

Corey J. Speweik

24.59% (45)

36.61% (67)

38.80% (71)





Wood County Court of Common Pleas –
Probate Division

Term Commencing January 2021




David E. Woessner

64.31% (164)

34.12% (87)

1.57% (4)



Posted by: Donna Williamson on Sep 8, 2020

        For the third time in as many months, the Toledo Bar has been rocked with the passing of a great jurist. Judge Peter Handwork served first on the Common Pleas bench and advanced to the Sixth District Court of Appeals. All who knew him lauded him for his patience and kindness, and for his willingness to act as a teacher to younger lawyers. He was witty, and it was always a pleasure to be in his company. The entire Bar mourns his passing, and sincerest condolences are extended to his wife, Claudia, and the rest of his family.

                                      William G. Meyer, President

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